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Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Service Sector: Industrial/Commercial

Affinity began its relationship with Alcoa Cleveland Works in April of 1997, when our primary responsibilities included sampling industrial wastewater and storm water discharges. Since that time, our involvement has grown to include a wide range of environmental services and support areas including: storm water pollution prevention plans, operating and maintaining wastewater treatment systems, sampling and managing the quality of various process tanks, assisting with ISO14001 audits, air compliance sampling, training, PCB/Lead sampling, and Tier II reporting. In November of 2016, Alcoa split into two publicly traded companies. Alcoa now focuses on traditional bauxite, alumina, aluminum and cast products and “Arconic” now specializes in Engineered Products and Solutions, Global Rolled Products, and Transportation and Construction segments with concentration on the aerospace and automotive industries.

Buckeye Packaging Company, Inc.

Location: Alliance, Ohio
Service Sector: Industrial/Commercial

Affinity has provided environmental, health and safety support to Buckeye Packaging since 1996. A few of the initiatives Affinity has instituted include: the development of safety programs; air permits; record keeping and reporting requirements; and solid waste and wastewater programs. Affinity also assisted in the development of a safety committee. Since Buckeye began working with Affinity, its on-time reporting compliance has improved to 100 percent, and injuries have been sharply reduced.

Coca-Cola Bottling Company

Location: Bedford Heights, Ohio
Service Sector: Industrial/Commercial

Affinity supports the Cleveland Coca-Cola Bottling Company’s environmental, health and safety initiatives by completing safety assessments, developing and assisting in compliance with Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans and Spill Control and Countermeasures Plans, and conducting OSHA safety trainings for the entire facility.

Cutting Dynamics, Inc.

Location: Avon, Ohio and Avon Lake, Ohio
Service Sector: Industrial/Commercial

Affinity has assisted Cutting Dynamics since 2003 by managing all aspects of their environmental, health and safety program. Some of the initiatives Affinity has instituted include: the development of numerous safety programs; the leadership of safety committees at two facilities; the organization of required OSHA trainings; and the management of safety and environmental compliance activities, including safety assessments, waste reviews and storm water reviews.

HDI Landing Gear, USA, Inc.

Location: Strongsville, Ohio
Service Sector: Industrial/Commercial

Affinity Consultants performed a site-wide health and safety assessment for HDI Landing Gear USA, Inc. and developed site-specific written programs and training materials that addressed health and safety concerns for each facility as well as employer responsibilities established by OSHA. Affinity then conducted program-specific trainings to ensure all employees were informed of health and safety information, hazards and precautions. Additional trainings were provided to select employees to equip management and members of the safety committee with supplementary knowledge and training.

Rohrer Corporation

Location: Solon, Ohio
Service Sector: Industrial/Commercial

In the summer of 2016 Cardpak was acquired by Rohrer who is a leader in the blister, skin and thermoformed packaging markets. Rohrer now has seven sites in the US. Affinity continues to assist Rohrer by managing aspects of their environmental and sustainability program. A few of these aspects include: air emission reporting, permitting, and compliance tracking; storm water reviews; waste reporting; and leading numerous sustainable packaging and green initiatives. Affinity also directs Rohrer’s ISO 14000 Environmental Management System.

The Will-Burt Company

Location: Orrville, Ohio
Service Sector: Industrial/Commercial

Affinity has assisted Will-Burt since 2003 in managing all aspects of their environmental, health and safety program, from air permitting to safety training. A few of the tasks Affinity has performed include: the development of numerous safety programs; the leadership of many required OSHA trainings; the management of air permits and emission reporting; waste reviews, shipments, and hazardous waste reporting; and wastewater sampling. Affinity also attends monthly safety committee meetings and performs routine safety inspections.

In 2008, Affinity was contracted by The Will-Burt Company to conduct a Sustainability Assessment. By considering the five categories of Products, Processes, Facility, Culture and Marketing, Affinity identified and quantified past accomplishments of green initiatives, identified opportunities for future green initiatives at Will-Burt and developed a plan of action for accomplishing the identified opportunities. Affinity is currently working with The Will-Burt Company to continue to achieve bottom-line cost savings and top-line benefits with their sustainability strategies.

KB BioEnergy

Location: Akron, Ohio
Service Sector: Industrial/Commercial

Affinity Consultants, Inc. conducted a health and safety assessment specifically to evaluate KB BioEnergy’s Lockout/Tagout Program in comparison to the requirements of the OSHA’s Control of Hazardous Energy standard, as well as best practices for protecting the safety and well-being of the employees. Affinity Consultants evaluated each piece of equipment included within Phase II of their anaerobic digester system expansion to determine what steps were necessary for proper and safe control of the equipment and generated machine-specific lockout/tagout procedures for each piece of equipment and processes associated with the system. All documents created included equipment identification details, photographs, personnel requirements, safety equipment and control equipment requirements, specific steps for proper lockout, and specific steps for proper re-energization of equipment. Finally, employee training was performed following the development of the written procedures to ensure all employees were properly trained with up to date with machine-specific procedures.

Chesapeake Energy

Location: Canton, Ohio
Service Sector: Industrial/Commercial

Affinity has worked with Chesapeake Energy since 2012 in managing aspects of their environmental and safety programs including regulatory reviews for EPA Risk Management Plan (RMP), OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM), Certified Powered Industrial Truck training, and other safety programs and policy reviews.

City of Akron / Keep Akron Beautiful

Location: Akron, Ohio
Service Sector: Public 

Affinity Consultants, Inc. began its relationship with Keep Akron Beautiful and the City of Akron in 2008 to assist with the development of the Greenprint for Akron, a comprehensive sustainability plan that effectively positions the city for environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient growth through the 21st century. Publicly released in April 2009, it brings the government, the community, and the private sector together in a collaborative effort to promote a common vision of a vibrant urban city where people want to live and businesses want to grow. Akron established the value core of Greenprint that will continue to offer strategy and direction for goal-setting and accountability. Additionally, Affinity assisted the city with devising a process for decision-making and prioritization. Affinity is currently working on sustainability initiatives with the city.

Read the Greenprint White Paper and Executive Summary.

Lakeland Community College

Location: Kirtland, Ohio
Service Sector: Educational Institution 

Affinity Consultants, Inc. began its relationship with Lakeland Community College in 2009 by conducting a Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Sustainability Tracking Assessment and Rating System Assessment (from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education – AASHE). Using these assessments, Lakeland established a sustainability baseline to set their goals and the direction for the college to follow. Affinity worked with Lakeland to develop a full-scale sustainability program for their campus.